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ཟླ་༡༢ཚེས་18, ཟླ་བ་


Free Spiritual Community

Brain Break Community Event December

Need a break from every day life? Or extra support around the holidays? Maybe you want to find a place to just be yourself and have a little fun or talk to someone who understands what you're going through. This event, an level UP of the ThriveTogether Community Connection events.

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Brain Break Community Event December
Brain Break Community Event December

Time & Location

2023 ལོའི་ཟླ་༡༢ཚེས་18 6:10 ཕྱི་དྲོ་ – 8:00 ཕྱི་དྲོ་ GMT-7

Free Spiritual Community, 2122 S Lafayette St, Denver, CO 80210, USA

About the event

Are you in need of a refreshing escape from the daily grind? 😌 Do you yearn for a space where you can find solace, have a little fun, and connect with others who truly understand what you're going through? 😊 If so, the Brain Break Community Event is the perfect gathering for you. 🎉

Join us early this day for Candlelight Trauma Informed Yoga from 6:15-7:15p, this is a free class and optional to join. If you choose not to join you can hang out in the coffee shop area and mingle instead.

The Brain Break Community Event is not just an ordinary get-together; it's a haven of relaxation, support, and enjoyment. We all know that life can be tough, especially as the holiday season approaches, bringing with it added stress and demands. 🎄 That's where Brain Break steps in, offering you an opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate. 🌟

As a spin-off of our immensely successful ThriveTogether Community Connection event, Brain Break takes things up a notch by introducing a wide range of activities designed to help you unwind and share quality moments with like-minded individuals. 🏓

Picture yourself engaging in friendly ping pong matches, 🏓 melting away your worries with soothing chair massages, 💆 or finding inner peace through trauma-informed yoga. 🧘‍♀️ These activities aren't just enjoyable; they're also therapeutic and designed to promote your overall well-being. 💆‍♂️

But the true magic of the Brain Break Community Event lies in the connections you'll make. It's a place where you can engage in heartfelt conversations with people who have walked in your shoes and truly understand what you're going through. You'll find support, camaraderie, and the comfort of knowing that you're not alone in your struggles. 💕

So, why should you come? Because you deserve a break. You deserve moments of laughter, relaxation, and connection. Brain Break is your opportunity to put yourself first, even if it's just for a few hours. It's your chance to enter the holiday season with a renewed sense of balance and happiness. 🌈

Don't miss out on this incredible event that promises to uplift your spirits and provide you with the support and enjoyment you've been seeking. Join us at the Brain Break Community Event and make the most of your journey towards well-being. Your well-deserved break is just around the corner. 🌞✨

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