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Volunteerism is a great way to be a part of a community of people that are determined to make a change. This program has many volunteering opportunities like filling and delivering care packages to health care professionals at hospitals across Colorado, the real superheroes at the VA Hospitals and shipping overseas. And delivery to teachers at schools. Volunteering can also change the state of our own mental health to a positive. Find out more by clicking the link below.

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Walking through grief, and growing forward together. 
"Surviving the Storm" group designed with compassion for grieving families. 

Families or individuals that have survived the loss of a loved one often feel left behind after their first year of grief, when the memorials stop, the get together’s, phone calls, cards, and text messages become fewer and fewer. The supportive structure seems to dwindle and grieving families are left on their own - feeling more alone than ever - to deal with an unbearable loss.

“Surviving the Storm” is a safe place to be around people who understand exactly what you’re going through without having to talk about it if you don’t want to or if you do that is okay too.

Come find your tribe, grab your ticket now and join us every 3rd Thursday of each month!

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An annual film festival that helps continue the conversation about mental health, suicide and the make the hard conversations seem easier. A safe place to support independent films and their makers centered around these topics. Also an opportunity to meet and greet and have a VIP experience to support our cause. Our mission is to bring a voice to those that may feel like they do not have one and break the stigma and silence around mental health.

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WHO IS??...

Tell us your story, whether you're a survivor, someone that has been left behind or someone who has struggled. We are honored to share your story with the world to be able to possibly help anyone and everyone that reads your story.

Taking Notes

Donate monthly to this scholorship fund to support those in need of NLP life coaching. Or maybe you're someone who would signiciantly benefit from NLP coaching however do not have the funds to pay for it all. This scholorship fund has been designed for you. Find out more about NLP and how to take advantage of this program. This will be an application based program partnered with Mobile Lighthouse, LLC. 

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Donate monthly to help support and build up this fund to help BCC Evolution with their mission to help our community when they are in need of funding to put themselves or a loved one into a mental health facility, treatment center or outpatient program. This fund will be distributed to those that are not able to fully fund the enormous bill for program or facility costs.

We understand that getting into treatment centers, mental health facilities or outpatient programs is a growing challenge as the costs have risen, the access has gotten harder plus the mental health world is inundated with requests at this time. 

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