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About Breaking the Cycle of Trauma Master Education Program

Why should you take this course?

According to the CDC.: “1 in 5 Americans experience a mental health illness in a given year”

“1 in 25 American live with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or major depression.”


If you’re looking for more understanding, more real-world knowledge, more practice on how to have hard conversation and a base knowledge of trauma, this course was designed for you.

As humans we do not talk about mental health enough and understanding mental health challenges, how and why trauma affects our brains and how we can support those in need or ourselves are all important skills to add to our toolboxes.

The real stuff for non-crisis and crisis situations.

A travel through trauma including the following topics: Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Child Abuse, Grief/Loss, Head Trauma and Bullying.


4 Module Advanced Course with CEC Certification

  • Real Talk: Mental Health. Why Words Matter

  • The Brain: Non-Crisis and Crisis Understanding

  • Travel Through Trauma

  • Resilience and Personal Safety/Self-Care Plan Creation


Breaking the Cycle of Trauma Master Education program was designed to increase understanding around mental health, suicide awareness, and trauma. Giving more tools and resources. The real stuff for non-crisis and crisis situations. A travel through trauma including the following topics: Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Child Abuse, Grief/Loss, Head Trauma and Bullying.


  • Classes are 6 hours long,

  • This class is hosted virtually on Zoom

  • Participants age: 16+

  • Min/Max participants per class: 5-30

  • Cost: $247 per participant


Day of Class:

  1. Zoom info will be sent via email prior to class, it can also be found in your confirmation of ticket purchase

  2. Bring water bottle, it is important to stay hydrated

  3. Bring pen and paper

  4. This is a full 6-hour virtual class with breaks/lunch built in

  5. You must download Zoom prior to class time

  6. Please log on 5-15 mins early to make sure your technology works properly for the virtual class time

  7. Be ready to learn and have an open mind


If $247 is too much, but you're dedicated to come to the class, ask about our discounted sponsorship program.


Looking to train a group, corporation, or community? Follow the below steps to inquire about group rates.


**Send an email with your name and the date of the class you signed up for to: and tell us you're interested in the sponsorship and/or discount program and a brief reason why you are needing assistance paying for the class.


***Discounted Sponsorship are first come, first serve. We try our best to accommodate as many people as possible to get sponsorships, however we can't do it without the generosity of public donations.


DONATE today or send your friends to DONATE.

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We aim to ACE with our
Breaking The Cycle of Trauma (BTCOT) Instructors


Increase awareness in your community about mental health, suicide and trauma.


Cultivate conversations for more understanding and awareness.


Provide advanced education for your community.

Instructor training is a 2-day interactive training held virtually. You will be taught the curriculum and then you will teach back a portion of the curriculum.

We hold our instructors to a high standard, therefore becoming an instructor is application based.


We only offer instructor training 4 times per year with a max of 30 new instructors per class. 

Instructor tuition: $997

Tuition Includes: 

  • Training by our Master Trainers

  • All training materials

  • Our business model to be a successful instructor

  • On-going support and access to all updates

There are no specific requirements to become an instructor, however lived experience with mental health, suicide or trauma is a plus. Also facilitation or previous teaching skills are a bonus. However these can be learned. 

As a BTCOT Instructor, you are considered an independent contractor and will be paid by participants that sign up for your classes. You are required to follow our pricing structure and will be required to pay a small fee per participant back to BCC Evolution for backend support. All of this will be explained in full detail during training. 

Apply below to secure your spot. 

Breaking the Cycle of Trauma Master Class and Instructor Training

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Confident Female Teacher
Apply Now
Do you have the financial means to pay the tuition in full?
Do you need or want CEC credits?
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