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Level 1: NLP Practitioner Training Info

So you want to learn NLP and get your Practitioner certification?

You are probably wondering what is next...

Maybe you have taken one of our Intro to NLP Workshops or maybe you have stumbled on this page from  another source. Whatever the reason may be, we are glad you're here. 

Let us give you more information about how you can signup for our Level 1 NLP Practitioner Training in partnership with WorldWide Institutes of Neuro Linguistic Programming!

There are so many schools for NLP and for coaching – it’s hard to navigate the differences that make the difference, and there is a difference! If you are looking for the trainers with the most experienced, best reputation, highest quality, and most up-to-date training focused on liberating potential – you’ve found the right one.  

Path to ICF (International Coaching Federation) Coaching Certification.

Only 22 seats remaining

See what it is like in life with NLP

The details for the next U.S. Training:

Start by downloading  “You Must Learn NLP” for free.

Next Training: 

  • Level 1 NLP Practitioner

  • July 27-August 2, 2024

  • 7 days in-person training 

  • Denver, CO

  • Tuition Investment: $3995

    • If you just took one of our Intro to NLP Workshops and are looking for the information about the discount we offered please schedule a call below.​

    • If you haven't yet taken an Intro to NLP workshop and would like to, check the calendar for the next one HERE

Learn more about the training and enroll online HERE (this link will take you to our events calendar) 

Want more info or talk about the Practitioner  training?
Schedule a call with one of our coaches...

Pick a date and time that works best for your schedule and one of our U.S.A. Coaches will be ready to answer all your questions. 

Connect with the Coaches 


Matt Diaz


Casey Feicht

Beth pic.jpg

Beth Carlson



Kelli Reinhardt

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