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Conversation for Mental Health Program

Stones of Meaning

Conversations for Mental Health is a transformative program focused on initiating open and meaningful discussions about mental health, substance use challenges, and suicide prevention.


Through various avenues like speaking engagements, coaching, media, and our Make Mental Health Matter TV Show, we aim to break down stigma and create a safe space for dialogue.


Join us in sparking conversations that matter and fostering a society that embraces mental health and supports those facing challenges.

Quarterly Make Mental Health Matter TV Special Event Summits

Apply to be a speaker

Not in a crisis and need someone to listen or talk to for free?

In partnership with Circles- Online Groups for Emotional Support 


Our Founder, Kelli, guides a support group every Monday at 12:30pm-1:30pm named "Never Alone Through Grief and Loss".

Lots more rooms in all sorts of areas like divorce, bullying, veterans, mental health, and more.

Click the link to join our group or check out any of the other groups. 

In partnership with to offer free listening support via chat. There is someone that can listen 24/7 here. 

Click the link to have someone listen now. 


In partnership with BetterHelp they offer our BCC Evolution community one month of free therapy and an additional 15% discount 

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Speaking for Mental Health


Need a mental health and suicide awareness expert for your company, organization, school, podcast or TV show? 

Hire Kelli to come speak. 


Check out the topics she speaks about and learn more about her HERE.

Coaching for Mental Health

Whether it is mental wellness, pain, sleep, nutrition, life skills or another type of coaching that you are in search of, we have partnerships with all kinds of coaches that can help guide you through whatever challenge you find yourself going through.

We fully vet out all of our coaches to make sure they are top notch and will be helpful, not hurtful. 

Find the right coach, professional or organization for your needs today!


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