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Awareness for Mental Health Program

Bringing awareness to things that can positively impact our mental health. Films, Art, Music and Travel. 

Did you know that the arts are the first thing for budget cuts in schools and there is a lack of funding for these programs in communities?

Listen to Sir Ken Robinson on the importance of creatitiy and the arts.

Films for Mental Health

BCC Evolution is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting mental health and suicide awareness through the arts. We strive to bring diverse perspectives together to create a safe, supportive and accepting community. Every year, we host the Mental Health and Suicide Awareness (MHSA) Film Festival, showcasing entries from around the world that focus on mental health or suicide awareness. This festival brings together the community of film lovers, film makers and those in our community who want to come together to watch these incredible films. We believe that art and film can be a powerful tool to inspire empathy and create social change.

paint pouring parties.jpeg

Art for Mental Health

Our Paint Pouring Parties are a great way to get creative, relax and socialize in a safe and friendly environment.
Karly Stein and Paint Pouring Parties Denver bring all the materials needed for a successful and fun paint pouring party, including paints, canvases, and supplies.
Come join us for a unique and creative experience that will leave you with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece and lasting memories.

Music for Mental Health

Music has long been used as a form of therapy, and the benefits of music for mental health are becoming increasingly well-known. Research has shown that listening to music can reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress, while also improving mood, self-esteem, and overall wellbeing. Music can even help to regulate emotions and provide an outlet for self-expression. For those struggling with mental health issues, music can provide a sense of comfort and relaxation, and can be a powerful tool for self-care. By harnessing the power of music, individuals can gain a better understanding of their own thoughts and emotions, and use it to facilitate healing.

Family at a Beach

Travel for Mental Health

4 Ways according to Lee Health the benefits of travel:

  1. Travel may do a sleepless mind good

  2. Travel reduces job burnout

  3. Travel can lift your mood

  4. Travel can lower the risk of depression

Something to consider according to the CDC travel can also be harmful due to the travel-related stress, which can spark mood changes, depression and anxiety in some people, so there are recommendations listed on their website. 

With all of this in mind and partnership with Brain Break Travel we offer travel agent services to help get you the brain break you need for your next destination. Let our agents take the stress out of travel, get your travel planned for you, designed with you and be the liaison to make it a pleasurable experience. 


Plus you will be giving back because every trip booked through Brain Break Travel, a portion of the sale will be donated to BCC Evolution's programs.

Or let us book your travel for you. Fill in this form and we'll do all the rest: 

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