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Mental Health Scholarship Fund

BCC Evolution is on a mission to help our community when they are in need of funding to put themselves or a loved one into a mental health facility, treatment center or outpatient program. This fund will be distributed to those that are not able to fully fund the enormous bill for program or facility costs.

The recipient of this fund will go through an application process which will include showing proof that their medical insurance does not cover this cost. It will also include the treatment center, facility or program to show proof that the recipient is enrolled in this program. Funds will only cover a portion depending on how much we have in the fund at that time and based off the need of the person.


We understand that getting into treatment centers, mental health facilities or outpatient programs is a growing challenge as the costs have risen, the access has gotten harder plus the mental health world is inundated with requests at this time. 

This is a way for us to support the community that we live in and even  outside our community. We will directly pay the program that is chosen, so no money will be given directly to the recipient.


Scholarships are awarded based off needs and funds available. 


Help us build up this fund to support those in need. 

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