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Carrie Cares Packages

These packages have been created for those that have lost a loved one to suicide or have someone in your life that has attempted suicide. We are not trying to recreate the wheel, therefore we have partnered up with AFSP and Colorado Crisis Line to include their brochures and information in these packages, along with BCC Evolution Trusted Resources. 

These are customized to Colorado, however they can be set to anyone anywhere in the United States. There are two options: Loss by Suicide or Supporting after a Suicide. Please select which is needed. 

Each package contains items like or similar to: 

  • Brochure from AFSP, either: "After a Suicide" or "How to Support After an Attempt"

  • Make Mental Health Matter swag

  • Motivational Saying Card

  • Angel Pin

  • Mini heart stress squish

  • LoveLife; You Matter bag

  • Hand written card from the our Founder

  • Resource brochures from select our Trusted Resource Hub partners, may include:

  • "How to Stop Freaking Out" mini book from Ellie Mental Health

  • Colorado Crisis Services brochure

  • Rack Card or brochure from local mental health professionals

*Items may change based on availability and partnerships

Request a Carrie Cares Package

Thanks for caring! We’ll send the Carrie Cares Package out within 2-4 weeks depending on availability of products.

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